FEA Services LLC is an official business partner of Dassault Systemes Simulia Corp.

Abaqus FEA Software

The real world is nonlinear.

Abaqus FEA Software

World’s most powerful comprehensive nonlinear FEA solver.

Abaqus FEA Software

Intuitive pre-processing for highly complex simulations.

SIMULIA Announces the Living Heart Project

Advancing Computational science to revolutionize bio-sciences and cardiovascular care.

Featured White Paper – Fatigue Analysis

Download our latest white paper on CAE-based fatigue analysis methods.

Featured Abaqus Testimonial

Read how Saba Metallurgical has gained 10-fold efficiency with Abaqus!

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Leading Technology for FEA and Design Optimization


A powerful and complete solution for performing virtual tests with realistic simulation which helps reduce product development time and costs, while improving reliability.  Learn more

A powerful, easy-to-use suite of fatigue analysis software for Finite Element models that provides reliable, accurate fatigue life predictions regardless of the complexity of the analysis. Learn more

A market-leading, open software application for simulation process automation and design optimization which helps improve efficiency, accelerate design exploration, and reduce manual errors. Learn more

Meet performance, weight, quality, and eco-efficiency requirements faster and at lower costs with SIMULIA Tosca. As the leading technology for nonlinear optimization, Tosca interfaces with industry standard FEA and CFD solvers to accelerate innovative product development. Learn more

Going far beyond traditional 3D CAD software tools to offer a unique Digital Product Experience, based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Sustainable development is driving companies around the globe to create a constant stream of innovative and inspiring smart products. Learn more

FEA Services LLC is excited to have become one of a few select Dassault Systemes SIMULIA business partners. This partnership allows us to offer you the complete Abaqus software suite at reseller-only prices. We also recognize that each customer has unique needs and are confident that our expertise can help guide you toward the optimal software package selection or provide impeccable technical services to assure your success.
Gabriel F. Dambaugh, P.E.
President, FEA Services LLC